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    LR Edit In PS and ACR

    adamroephotography Level 1



      When I select Edit In Photoshop on RAW files in Lightroom, PS is rendering my files using ACR (and it displays as NEF), despite my settings being for TIFF. I use CC, everything is up to date according to my app.


      Having read through other older posts in the forum, it seems like this should only happen if the LR version is newer than the PS version. Makes sense. Since I'm using the creative cloud, well, I would naively expect them to be synced .


      I don't mind if it says NEF instead of tif until I save it. I have to save it anyway. The trouble is that since I am editing from RAW in LR already it seems though that there is no reason for PS to re-interpret the data, and that this can/will cause differences at some point. It also seems like a waste of processor power (which is a concern for me: right now I am preparing 50 files for print using PS,  so if double the files are open I need double the time and double the memory).


      PS says that it has ACR version My LR version is 5.7.1 which has ACR 8.7.1, but it doesn't show the last digits on the info splash. I'm sure there's a way to check this exactly.


      Note: what happens as described above is using having "Stack with Original" in the External Editing Preferences pane unchecked. If I check - so it should "stack" - what happens is that PS first opens the file as an NEF, reinterpreting it, then it opens it as a tif, presumably rendered by LR (it then shows up immediately in the catalog). I don't know what this button really does, but it appears to trigger the LR-based rendering (which is indeed what I want, since my workflow is built around LR). However PS does open the NEF still, leaving me with two open copies in PS.


      Any ideas?




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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Right when you first load an image in PS through LR using Edit In it loads the RAW file with its original file extension. But the second you SAVE that file it saves it with the extension, and type, of what you have chosen in the External Editor section of the LR preferences. In your case with the TIFF extension.


          This is completely normal. Also when you send a file to PS using Edit In you do not get a Adobe Camera Raw window because LR "IS" Adobe Camera Raw in a different looking package.

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            adamroephotography Level 1

            Ok, so the delay in opening is mostly LR doing a RAW to TIFF conversion if I understand correctly. Sounds fine, a bit silly that the filename extensions don't change though.


            What about PS opening two files side by side, one labelled .nef and one .tif?

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The title of a document in PS uses the extension of whatever the file was opened from or saved to if you’ve already saved it since opening.  Since PS is actually opening the raw file it uses the raw file’s extension in the document title, specifically NEF in your situation.