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    Naming HHC File

      Good Day,

      Is there a method of naming the HHC file separately from the project name? I want to use a standard name so that place holder projects can be set up for merged project hooks. That way people can integrate their own help manuals by just renaming their project to on of the place holder names. Thanks!
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          When RoboHelp creates the files it defaults to the project name for all of them. I don't know how to change this in RoboHelp, but you can rename the .hhc file in Windows Explorer and then open the .hhp file in Notepad and you will see a link to the .hhc file. Change that too and then open the project in Robohelp from the .hhp file. It will then correct the RH project.

          There is probably an easier way to do this from within RoboHelp, but I use an ancient version and couldn't tell you ho to do it. Hopefully, someone else will add to this. Otherwise, the above method will work.

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            I'm not sure that John's method will actually work. I tried a similar thing, and everything appeared fine in Windows Explorer. But when I generated the .chm file, the internal TOC and index files took the project name.

            I found this out by decompiling the .chm file (using FAR). The decompiled .hhc and .hhk files had the same name as the project. So if you link to the original TOC file from an external .chm, it won't be able to find a .hhc file with that name.

            Sorry to disappoint you, but you might want to experiment a little on your own. I could be wrong.

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              I didn't add my usual caveat that I use an ancient version of RoboHelp, so Maura may be right - at least for Robohelp releases in this millenium.