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    External Movie Loading

      I have the main movie with a button on it with the following command:

      on (release) {
      loadMovie("loadCentralCommandSGUnload.swf", "_root.loadCentralCommand");

      That works great - it loads the movie into the loadCentralCommand clip

      The problem if I load a different movie to a different location on the main movie the same command applied to a button on this loaded movie will not work as the button above does to load the - loadCentralCommandSGUnload.swf. This is possible to do isn't it? If so, what am I doing wrong - the thought the _root was the root and can be applied from the main movie or loaded movies?

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          SymTsb Level 2
          not exactly sure what you are after, but why create a clip on the timeline for each movie you want to contain a loaded movie.... I'd simply create one (unless you need multiple up at once) and just load my movies into that one container clip like this....

          on(release) {
          container_mc.loadMovie("loadCentralCommandSGUnload.swf", 1);

          Copy and paste the code above on all the buttons you need to load a movie. All you have to keep changing is the name of the swf file you want to load.