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    Best way to create pop-up menu's

    Neil Hand Level 1
      Hi All,

      I have been having a heck of a time doing something that i would have assumed to be relatively simple - specifically creating a pup-up menu.

      My first set of approach was to dynamically create a movie clip on a button rollover, and within that movieclip create several other movie clips that i then assigned actions too. The problem was that since i applied a action on "rollout" on the initial movie clip, it became a button, and as such all of the sub movieclips/buttons became in active (any click was only detected on the parent).

      My second set of attempts have been around the MenuComponent (see other posts), but here too i have hit problems, initially with animation and depth. I solved the animation issue, but the depth problem remains.

      Now, i see pop-up menu's everywhere, so i assume that this is a relatively simple problem - so what am i missing. A google search showed up lots of examples of how to do using menu that are created in the UI (rather than purely in AS), using purchased components. The first case is not an option since i need to create it fully dynamically, the second would be an option - however i typically need a far greater level of visual control than off the shelf components provide (hence i have needed to build up my own class library for many common tasks).

      So after all that, i have a simple question.
      "What is the best way to create a dynamic popup menu in AS2?"

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          I guess you want to make your own popup menu, if I understand correctly. Nothing simpler, your first attempt was in the right direction, you just don't assign button actions to the parent clip, because you won't get the child clips to work, but add another child at the lowest level inside the parent, that acts as a "background" clip/button.

          And for the rollout for the entire popup, you can add a transparent clip just under the popup (which is at the currently topmost depth) covering the entire stage, give it rollover that acts as your rollout, and make it not use the hand currsor, so you can't tell it's there.

          That's how I do it, anyways..