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    How do i make a light source in an image look more pronounced?


      I've got a scene with a camera panning across the floor of an abandoned club. I've got several renders with different passes and lights (from 3ds max) i've animated the strobe light layer by linking it to key-framed audio and I am happy with the lighting effects, however the source of the strobe light doesn't quite look powerful enough to be lighting the room, i was wondering what the best method of making it more pronounced would be, maybe a lense flare or blur?

      I've attached a still of the scene (ignore the quality - test renders)


      Comp 2_01819.png

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          Strobe lights rarely ever cause flares since their firing phase is even shorter than the camera's shutter. They're almost always only perceptible by "whitening" everything in the room. Feel free to slap on a lens flare, but if it's tied to the actual strobing, it will look extremely flickery since it will have a different size/ intensity on every frame or may even disappear. It may be more useful to use e.g. a comp sized white-ish solid with Add blending mode in 32bpc to simulate the overexposure.