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    I cannot transfer library books from ADE to Kobo Aura


      I have a Kobo Aura and have been borrowing books from the library for the last two months using ADE on an iMac (10.10.2). However, I now cannot transfer the books to my Kobo because, when I connect it to the iMac, it does not show up in ADE. Nor is it listed in Finder. I have tried:


      • factory resetting the Kobo
      • re-installing ADE (both v. 3 and 4)
      • re-authorizing the iMac.


      I have noticed, but am not sure if it is relevant, that on my Kobo, in Accounts, the Adobe section is greyed out and it says 'Not authorised with Adobe Digital Editions'. However, I cannot find any way to change this status and it may have been like this from the start anyway.


      Nothing works. I have contacted Overdrive and they say: 'We're sorry that you're having an issue with transferring titles to your Kobo from Adobe Digital Editions. Even though Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is an Adobe product, we try to support it for OverDrive eBooks. We have seen some users encountering similar issues with Adobe Digital Editions and your version of your computers operating system, which our troubleshooting steps being unable to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, because of the specific trouble you're having, we're unable to offer further help on this issue.'


      I am not getting any error message; the Kobo just doesn't show up in ADE or Finder.


      Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you solve it?


      Adobe - what can you do to resolve this please?


      Thank you.