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    PDF/A-1b compliant PDF from InDesign exported PDF


      Hi folks.  I need to produce a pdf/a-1b compliant pdf from an InDesign document and it is giving me fits.  Because InDesign offers no native option to export pdf/a-1b compliant files, I have been exporting my document with the available presets (I've tried all of them), then running the pdf/a-1b conversion in Acrobat.  However, this conversion fails every time, usually on font subset and colour issues depending on how I set up the initial export from InDesign.  The only way I have managed to get a file to pass the conversion is to export from InDesign, save that pdf as images, rebuild the original pdf from the image files, then run the pdf/a-1b preflight from Acrobat.  Trouble is that this results in a serious loss of resolution that I can't have for my purposes.  Anyone have any ideas on how I can produce a pdf from InDesign that will pass the pdf/a-1b preflight in Acrobat?