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    OS 10.10.2 Problem with most recent Flash Player--Script Errors


      Actually this may be a recurring problem with Flash player on OS 10.10 since I had the exact same problem with a previous update with Flash Player the last time I updated it but never connect the problem to Flash Player.


      I have a brand new MacBook Air...5 days old.  Not a single problem since I bought it.  Totally loaded all software.  No problems.  Totally updated in all Apple OS.  No problems.


      Today, I downloaded the most recent Flash Played.  Installed with no problem.  Ran installation into Firefox, no problem.  But it took an inordinate amount of time to reopen Firefox to the normal Adobe display page.  Once it did, it immediately began displaying error messages that I had a SCRIPT PROBLEM.  My options were to DEBUG the script problem.  STOP the script problem, or CONTINUE allowing the SCRIPT TO RUN.  Clicking at one time or another on any and all of the options did not debug, stop, or continue with the script problem.


      What the hell is going on with Adobe and the Flash Player with 10.10.2


      It is obvious to me that the previous problems that I had that manifested itself in the same way on my old computer causing me to Force Quite Firefox and Restart the old Computer were a problem caused by Flash Player and not just a function of a 7 year old computer.


      Say what Adobe will, this is clearly a Flash Player problem.  A completely functional and bug free NEW computer in every way that is 5 days old manifests this problem within 1 minute of the final install of the Flash Player update.  I am angered, frustrated and now completely lack trust in Adobe as I am in other software companies who are unable to provide reliable software that is fully compatible with OS X and its updates.


      Now, what am I supposed to do?