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    Moving from MS Sql Server /ASP classic to Flex 2

      Trying to get a clear idea of exactly what is required in order to move from ASP Classic / SQL Server 2K running on Win2k Server to using Flex 2, with Flex Data Services.

      Do I need to install a J2EE Server on my Win 2K server in order to run Flex 2?
      Can I use transaction-based stored procedures of Sql Server?

      Despite calling Adobe Technical to explain my questions I was unable to get a reply (despite talking to someone - the expert was not around)
      As a general point, why can I not seem to find information about moving from asp classic / sql server into RIAs via the Flex2 route.Is it because it's more for people migrating from a Cold Fusion / Java background?
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          I'm sorry you weren't able to get help when you called. Let's see if I can help. I'm not familiar with ASP Classic, so I'll tell you how you what I know. I'll start at the top and forgive me if you've heard some of this before.

          "Flex" is a product name. Flex Framework is a way to write Flash programs that run in the Flash Player on the end-users' computers. The Flex application can communicate with a variety of data services running on remote servers. For example, a Flex application can use HTTPService (a Flex object) to exchange XML with the server. If you know how to make ASP Classic receive and send XML over HTTP, and then you can use that means for the Flex application.

          You don't need to use Java with Flex to get to SQL Server. If you can figure out a way to use HTTP to exchange XML, you'll be fine.

          You may be able to use Flex Data Services to work directly with SQL Server through adapters. We supply one for Hibernate. I'm not that familiar with that aspect with Flex Data Services and I'm not 100% sure about adapters for SQL Server. Check our web site for more details.