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    Adobe Acrobat Toolbar in IE 11


      Hello Community,


      I have a Problem with the Adobe Toolbar in IE 11. I am using Adobe Acrobat XI.


      The Toolbar and Adobe is installed correctly but when I open the browser, the toolbar is somehow cut off in the middle, so I just see half of the Buttons and the Text. How do I fix this?


      Here is a Screenie..... thx for the HelpScreenshot (1).png

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          josefs74353426 Level 1

          Solved the Problem.


          Since Windows 8.1 supports Touchscreen, some of the Settings seems fixed and controlled central.


          So, to solve this problem, you should go into systemcontrol and in there, go to view. There you have to change the percentage of the increasing value of the screen. After that, you can rearrange your symbols by right clicking with mouse, on the Desktop.


          Screenshot (2).png