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    Publish to HTML5 instead of SWF


      I have searched the web and through forums and can't seem to find an answer to this question, even though it ought to be fairly simple -

      I want to publish my InDesign project to a flipbook, but it needs to be HTML5 rather than SWF so that the finished "thing" can be imported into Captivate (or Lectora Inspire) and published to our LMS and viewed on desktops and mobile devices.


      I don't know why this is so difficult.  I don't even have to go from InDesign. In fact, it would be easier to go from a PDF.  But I cannot use any of the free / low-cost services that convert your files to HTML5 online or even on the desktop because they don't output a format that I can readily use.  I just need a simple, standalone file (the PDFs are 4-6 pages each) that looks nice and that my users can flip through, read, learn from, and is then marked by the LMS as having been reviewed.