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    New flash user - help

      I'm VERY new to flash, and just know the basics of actionscript. I've completed all my buttons and have my layout completed as well. But I need to be able to click my thumbnails, which i'm sure I have to make buttons, and open the larger images in a new window.


      Would it be more efficient that when the thumbnails are clicked to open ONE window that the user can cycle through the images and close that window when done? Would that window have to be a slide show opened when the thumbnail is clicked?

      I'm just beginning but I'm a fast learner, so if it does involve complicated steps still feel free to let me know. Thanks all
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          Try turning your thumbails into buttons, and in the onRelease function, use the loadMovieNum command. Create a new swf file with the window./ image that you what to appear. Just make sure that you load the new file on a higher level to insure your main page is not replaced.

          yourThumbnail_btn.onRelease = function(){
          loadMovieNumber("yourNuImage.swf", 1)

          Good luck!