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    Photo disappearing from Book Module


      Hello I'm quite desperate!!!


      I was building a book in the book module in LR 5.7 running in windows 8.1 - 64 bit, and does not matter what I do, everytime I move from the Book module to any other module (library or develop), when I come back all the photos are missing in the book (even though they are in the photostrip with the number of apperaances ... !!!??? ... ????).

      I tried to create copies of the book, and moving out and coming back to the Book module ..... the same both copies are misteriously vanished.

      I'm re-doing this job for hours!!!!


      Don't tell me to recover from backup ... I know but I cannot finish and print the whole book in one session and, in any case, I'd like to have the chances to access my books in the future !!!!!


      Attached a picture showing the disaster (note on the left of film strip that some photos have a number but the book is totally empty)

      I also disable the Autofill Option in nthe Book Preferences but nothing happened

      Cattura di schermata (1).png


      Any help please