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    Target a frame in a movieClip

      I have buttons in a movie clip which are placed on the main time line. I also have movieclips placed on single frames (25, 30, 35, etc) on the main time. When a button is released I want two things to happen -
      - the playhead to go to a frame on the main time line where the movie clip is placed - which I can do with this code -
      on (release) {
      - then I'd like it to target a certain frame inside the movieClip with a var number (var number already generated). This is where I'm stuck. What is the path I use to target the frame inside the movie clip???

      Thanks for any help,

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          Create a var for the target frame of the MC in the first frame os the time line.
          After that, create a conditional in the MC that must compare the current frame with the var:

          if(this._currentframe != this._parent.yourvar ){

          (it can be on load)

          When you click the button:

          on (release) {
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            /* If you give everything instance names, it makes it alot easier to target.. even movie clips.

            so say the movie clip on frame 25 has an instance name of animation_mc
            you would use:
            on(release) {this._parent.animation_mc.gotoAndPlay() };

            or if you have movieClips inside movieClips, and you wanted to get back to the main timeline.. you could say: this._parent._parent._parent.blah.gotoAndPlay();

            or you could simply say: _root.gotoAndPlay();

            _root automatically tells Flash that you are reffering to the main timeline. */
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              superdk Level 1
              It's still not working....

              I named my movieClip (classifieds_mc) and my Var (collapse - which is a Number). I attached this code to the button (note: button inside movieClip than placed on main time line) -
              on (release) {
              //Movieclip GotoAndPlay Behavior
              //End Behavior

              Nothing hapens when the button is releases. If I just target the frame on the main time line with this code it works
              on (release) {

              But I'd like to also target a a frame inside the movieClip with a var Number.

              Any help on what I'm doing wrong???..??