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    Why am I getting data error lines in my image when it loads in LR 4?

    Nicks Pics

      I have LR 4.  When clicked to enlarge an image (a RAW image) it took a moment to load, (as usual) but when it finished there were multicolored strait horizontal lines in it.  What is not working correctly?  Is it Lightroom?  Is it my external hard drive?  Is it my computer?  I know there can be SD card errors, but I don't think that's it since I think it has happened to pictures that were okay on the card.  I think it is happening between my computer, external hard drive, and lightroom since I think I have seen this error appear on photos I have viewed in LR pre-error, and then the errors appeared.  If any one knows the source of this problem that would be appreciated!   This could be a dangerous problem if it happened to a valuable photo.