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    Problem with movie control, please help!

      I'm a beginner in Flash and I would need help with action script. I'm building a web site on one SWF file and I'm having trouble with the navigation. I'll guive you a simple exemple juste to expose the problem.

      Lets say I have a SWF with two buttons. (here's a picture to illustrate the situation)
      Now, if I press on button1, I put the action: "on release gotoAndPlay(2)" to play "anim1" until frame 6. Then on frame 6, I want it to jump to frame 10 and play "anim2" then stop.

      And if I press button2, I would like it to take this route: "on release gotoAndPlay(2)" to play "anim1" again until frame 6. But now, instead of jumping to frame 10 like the button1 does, I want it to jump to frame 20 and play "anim3" and then stop.

      I hope my explications are clear anough. Basically, I want the two buttons to play anim1 but at the end of anim1, each take a different path. Hope someone can help me on this one.

      Thanks alot in advance!