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    Remoting - Emergency


      I am working on .Net + Flash application. The Problem I encountered is below. Thanx for any help in advance.

      I have flash player embedded in aspx page which fetched XML data from from C# pages thru .Net.

      Although the code appears working perfect with data around 70KB but if the data send via C# through flash remoting to Flash is more than 72 KB it fails.

      Is there any data length restriction while calling services through flash remoting.

      code snippet is written below:
      --- Code starts here ---
      flashService.GetInstrumentData(parseInt(_global.InstrumentID), parseInt(_global.CandidateResultID_str));

      function GetInstrumentData_Result(result) {
      XMLData_str = result["Instrument_XML_str"];
      _global.InstrumentDataLoaded = true;

      function GetInstrumentData_Status(result) {
      _global.InstrumentDataLoaded = false;

      -- Code ends here --

      The above code works perfect if size of data returned is less than 70KB.