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    DW MX & Contribute

      Just wondering whether anyone can comment on this ftp log
      from trying to get my copy of DW MX to administer / set up Contribute fucntionality on a site
      (server passes tests with the adobe downloadable ftp testing tool)
      server ftp software is pure_FTPd [TLS]
      RNFR /public_html/TMP6bmtwd10j2.htm
      350 RNFR accepted - file exists, ready for destination
      RNTO /public_html/DWDDXX7.DDD
      250 File successfully renamed or moved
      DELE /public_html/DWDDXX7.DDD
      250 Deleted /public_html/DWDDXX7.DDD
      RNFR /public_html/DWDDXX7.DDD
      550 Sorry, but that file doesn't exist
      ie DW has just deleted the file /public_html/DWDDXX7.DDD
      and then it asks to rename it from /public_html/DWDDXX7.DDD
      and of course it doesn't exist
      and of course there is a resultant fail message on the Admin screen

      - so why is DW asking it to rename a file that doesn't exist?