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    rounded rectangle corners in FW3?

      Where the heck is my rectangle tool options panel that let's me round rectangle edges?!?!?!

      you may ask, why version 3? - it's 'cuz my company is too cheap to upgrade. I use it decently well despite this, but I digress.

      I thought all you had to do was double click the rectangle tool like it states in the help:

      You can round the corners of a rectangle or square as you draw it by setting the curvature of the corners in the Rectangle tool Options panel.

      Set this value before drawing the rectangle.

      To draw a rectangle with rounded corners:
      1 Double-click the Rectangle tool to open the Rectangle tool Options panel.
      2 Enter a value in the Corner text box.
      3 Hold down the mouse button and drag to draw a rectangle.

      Note: You cannot round the corners of an existing rectangle.

      The problem is, that the Rectangle tool options panel doesn't open!! is this a bug? or am i just missing something really obvious?? help!! has anyone else run into this?