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    Restoring my Mac - What to do with Lightroom?




      So I'm declunking my Mac and going for a fresh install as it's been doing some pretty weird stuff recently and I want to freshen things up.


      I've copied my itunes catalogue and all my music and backed up using time machine as a precaution.


      Now for Lightroom, what should I do? I was thinking of moving my photos to my external drive using lightroom, then moving the catalogue file but I can't seem to do it, and basically I'm muddling around with something I don't really understand.


      Once I've backed everything up I'll be wiping my internal drive, rebooting and reinstalling my software then moving the files back onto my computer.


      Would really appreciate some plain English advice here so as to save me losing all my edits and having to begin from scratch with a load of raw files.


      Thanks in advance, Tom