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    Custom Calculation script





      I have some problems eiditing my custom calculation scrips.


      at the moment there is: ColorField('IncubatorLow',ValidateMinMax('IncubatorLow',400,1000) && ValidateOrder('IncubatorLow','IncubatorHigh'));


      I want to change it to;

      if (event.value>=400 && event.value<=1000) event.target.textColor = color.black;

      else if (event.value>1001) event.target.textColor = ["RGB",1, 0.5, 0];

      else if (event.value<399) event.target.textColor = ["RGB",1, 0.5, 0];


      But every time i save my pdf file, it keeps the old one? even tho i tried to delete it, lock and so on?


      Under java script, i cant figure out whats might be the course?


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


      Found out under Java Script: ColorField runs per Custom Caluclations a string. But if i make a forexample a new java script for CustomColors - and change ColorFields to CustomColors.
      And then save the pdf file, it still uses Colorfield??