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    Animation crashes iOS


      Hello. We have a project with 7(!) edge animations. All works fine on Android and desktop, but iOS crashes on them. Sometimes just Safari, sometimes iOS reboots. Also Chrome on iOS crashes. iPhone 5s crashes, iPad Air 1 crashes. iOS 7 crashes, iOS 8 crashes.


      We even made lighter "mobile" versions of the animations. Now iOS/Safari usually shows two or three of them, then crashes on next one.


      It seems iOS runs out of memory allowed for an app, though it's bizarre that sometimes whole iOS crashes. It's also a security hole which might intrest Apple.


      We tried to unload watched animations by removing them from DOM, but still crash. Don't know what else to try. Our next plan is to convert the animations into gif images for iOS :---)


      Here's unpublished "desktop" and "mobile" versions. Even a single desktop one crashes on iOS.


      desktop (crashes): http://demo.viiksipojat.fi/panchakarma/mandala05/

      mobile: http://demo.viiksipojat.fi/panchakarma/mobiilimandala05/