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    Dropped Baggage Files

    criswelljulie Level 1


      I am using RoboHelp 11 (110.04.291) with RoboHelp Server 9.  My layout is WebHelp Pro.  Windows 7 OS.

      In all of my help projects, I have a Release Notes topic with hyper links out to PDF versions of our past release notes that I have added as baggage files.

      However, in only one of those projects, the same 7 of the 12 baggage files are dropped every other time I publish.  I have to recreate those same 7 baggage files every other time.  So strange.  The PDFs are stored inside the same structure as my robohelp project.  I've attached an image.  I have compared the PDF's and cannot find out what the difference is but the system only wants to retain the first 5 baggage files and so those hyper links remain working regardless of how many times I publish.

      Does anyone have any suggestions at what I should be looking at?  Am I storing them in the wrong directory of the project?  Thanks in advance.  Kind Regards, Julie



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Bizarre. If it happened every time I would suggest trashing the CPD file and reopening the project but if that is the cause, I would expect it to fix the problem "permanently".


          Try generating WebHelp (not Pro) locally and see what happens there.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            criswelljulie Level 1

            Thanks Peter.  I tried generating it locally numerous times and it was successful no matter how many times I publish.

            Upon further investigation, writing down all my steps, I was reminded that this project is 1 of 2 projects that do not generate, publish or close correctly since being upgraded.  Quite a while back I upgraded from RH 9 to RH 11 and these two projects were the only ones that didn't quite seem to make the upgrade seamlessly although I don't remember the exact details if any surrounding errors or such.  Since that upgrade, when I right click my webhelp pro layout and select Generate or Publish, nothing happens on either of these 2 projects.  I have to open Properties in order to get access to the Save and Generate and Publish buttons. Additionally, these projects won't close cleanly by selecting File, Close Project, or Exit.  They require Task Manager to shut down.  Of course, I realize that something must be corrupted for this kind of behavior and now the losing of baggage files is just a new factor.  My settings are such that the CPD file is deleted every time the project is opened.


            What I learned by writing my steps is that as long as the project remains open, I can publish to the server as many times as I want and the 7 baggage files remain intact.  Once I task manager/hard shut down the project and re-open it, it is then that I see that the 7 baggage files are no longer listed.  I have to re-add them every time the project is opened.


            Sorry to have taken you down this rabbit hole with me.  Thanks for offering your insight.  I am not sure if there is anything that I can do to get these projects 'un-corrupted' but if I could, that might solve all issues.


            Thanks again.


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              Amebr Level 4

              So you are saying that the baggage files no longer display in your project when you close and reopen? If it's only in the published output where there is a problem, just ignore the rest of this post.


              If so, could you try the following?


              1. Close and reopen your project.
              2. Create a new folder in your project - anywhere will do, and you don't need to set any special name for it. This is just a temporary folder and you can delete it in a second.


              Does this cause the pdfs to re-display in your project?


              Feel free to delete that folder you just created now.


              If your pdfs now display, creating a temporary folder each time you open your project would be an easier workaround than re-adding them each time. (Just delete the folder each time so you don't clog your project with a bunch of junk folders. I know it's not great for source control systems, either...) In this case, if you could also log a bug report, that would be great - I've been reporting this problem for a number of years now.


              If your pdfs don't re-display, sorry, I'm out of ideas.

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                criswelljulie Level 1

                Thank you for trying to help me out Amebr.  I'm afraid that didn't work.  I will log a bug report today.


                Thanks again. to you and Peter.