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    I'd like to see a floating license option for XML Author.

    MiniGunz Level 1

      I am an experienced structured FM user. I am trying to set up a structured authoring environment for a small engineering firm. I write and edit documentation for aviation engineering projects. I work with six to eight engineers and designers who contribute content to our technical publications.

      I want to minimize authoring overhead by eliminating manual formatting from my contributor workflow. Ideally, I would manage EDDs, DTDs, templates etc. and deploy several XML author licenses to collect content. However, the cost of an XML author license per each potential contributor is prohibitive for my small firm. I would love to be able to deploy XML Author through Creative Cloud either as a single-app license or as part of a team license.

      Several other authoring platforms including Flare (no structured support, I know) offer a floating license option. I think a floating license option would make the Structured Frame/XML Author combo more competitive for Adobe and more attractive to small firms like mine.