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    Reorganized Project Window (can not restore my folder structure)


      Using CC2014 on an iMac running Yosemite. Haven't updated anything so not sure what the issue is but here goes.



      I typically organize my project files, then all of a sudden AE changed my folder structure. In the Project window it created a Solids, Nulls & Solids, Compositions and AI & PSD folders. All of my comps are in the compositions folder. All Ai and PSD files are in the AI and PSD folder. However, I would rather have it organized my way. I can open a previous version of the file and my organization structure is how I want it. I tried opening AE and restoring the default preferences and that didn't restore my structure. Is there some auto organize shortcut I accidentally hit? Never ran across this issue in all my years using AE. Any help is greatly appreciated!