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    UML for Flex/Actionscript

    Robert S Level 1
      I am looking for a good UML plug-in for Flex Builder that is geared more toward the Flex / Actionscript architecture as apposed to Java, C#, C++, etc... Does anybody currently use or know of a good plug-in for this? I realized that I cross-posted, but this forum see twice as much posting as the Flex Builder forum and this does related to the language as much as the software. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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          Robert S Level 1
          I found that Enterprise Architect by sparxsystems.com is not bad. Any others would be nice to know about. This costs about 199.00 for a version that integrates into the Eclipse IDE. It doesn't handle event creation very well for ActionScript.
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            Was also spotting for such an aid and will try out ea. So far thx. Poseidon from gentleware which is based on agos looked quite well but is strong on the jsside and they have a inacceptable try out offer.
            It would be nice to have an adobe tool for modeling which would include also links to the design and content areas of complex webbased apps. In that way one could include customers, designers, programmers, and contenters in a model which would help in many of my projects.