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    How do you publish from Flash Pro CC 2014 to Adobe AIR for Mac OS X and Windows???

    JacquelineSebrey Level 1

      I'm creating an App in Adobe Flash CC Professional 2014 and my customer has requested that I also publish the App using Adobe AIR to be run on either a Mac Mini using OS X or using Windows. To do this what publish settings should I use in Flash? I tried Air 2.5 and it produced an .airi file but that file won't run. I get "There is no application set to open this document". I even downloaded an Adobe AIR player on to my MacBook and installed it and I still can't get the .airi file to run. I called technical support at Adobe and they told me to post my problem to this forum. Please help as I need to get this App not only publish for iOS, which I can do successfully and it works but also for Adobe AIR. Thank you so much!!!