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    detrimental flash CC actionscript editor changes


      my company (one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world) just upgraded to CC from CS6. so i admit it is new to me, if anybody can point out the new way to do these things that i see as problems i would appreciate it.


      in actionscript window (either on timeline or in .as file):


      1. what happened to blue checkmark upper right corner to validate code? is running the debugger the only way to do it now? that certainly is much less efficient.

      2. as2 no longer supported. i am constantly receiving legacy files to update or base new swfs on. i see on another thread that i can download the cs6 version (because the cc install blows away the old version, argh), once they get the whole enterprise ID thing straightened out. meanwhile, sorry clients, can't work on that today. i hate as2 and never use it on my own, but now i have to have 2 versions of flash and switch between them?

      3. can i no longer "pin" an actionscript frame? once again, something incredibly useful.


      in general:

      1. bmps no longer work. if i try to import a bmp, flash will say error importing file. or it won't even show up in the import dialog as an importable format. if i copy over a movieclip from another file that has a bmp in it, my fla will refuse to save.

      2. movie explorer is gone. incredibly useful for looking through the structure of an .fla and finding movieclips or bits of code, use that constantly. now it is gone.

      3. bandwidth profiler is gone? holy moley in banner world we need this every time we publish. it is one of the most important tools where filesize is crucial. why why why get rid of it?


      i'm sure i will have more examples as the week goes on.


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