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    I am unable to resize the toolbar colour palette in InDesign

    RobH79 Level 1

      I'm new to CC this week, coming from CS5.5 - I'm finding the tightening of space around the toolbar elements / increased padding makes it harder to read the content of the boxes now that the border almost sits on top of the text. If it ever comes up for discussion on the development roadmap could we steal back some of that dead space in the padding around these elements? In addition to this it doesn't help that the UI brightness value of 100% 'Light' is still darker than the former.








      But this isn't the reason for my visit today, I'm finding it more frustrating that the colour palette flyout in the toolbar is fixed, i.e there is no resize gripper. This must be an oversight as previously in CS5 you could do this in Illustrator and InDesign whereas in CC2014 you can still do it in Illustrator.


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