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    Linked Templates


      I'm looking for a way to make a template to insert into a InDesign file that when I go in and update or change the template. The template in my InDesign file will update. The only thing is I need to add text to this template once it is inserted into the InDesign file.

      It is more like a form that needs to be filled out once it is placed in the InDesign document. I know how to make and use templates but this one has me stumped.



      If I go into the template and add 2 lines. Then open your document that the template has been placed into. Go to the Links panel and click or mash (whichever you use) to update the template link. The template with the two added lines update and the text that was added in the document or form would move also.


      Don't know if I'm explaining this correctly the way I see it.    


        Thanks for your help!