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    How or why would Lightroom replace my jpeg files with duplicate raw (.ORF)?


      Greetings All,


      I'm new to Lightroom but I'm trying to dive in head first and learn as much as I can in a short period.  I historically shoot RAW + jpeg with an Olympus PEN EPL3.  In an effort to keep the files separated I created a RAW subfolder in the parent folder, moved the RAW files into the subfolder, leaving the jpegs in the parent folder.  I should point out that the RAW and associated jpeg still had the same identical file name given by the camera. The obvious difference being the file extension.  This was all done prior to importing.  After importing all seemed OK. I could see both files in the parent folder and hovering over each with the mouse showed one as a .ORF and the other as a .JPEG.  And the subfolder showed only the .ORF files. 


      After flagging some files rejected and deleting them and flagging some to keep, at some point the JPEGS were replaced with identical, additional copies of the RAW files.  So when viewing the parent folder instead of a RAW and JPEG side by side in the library, I had two RAW files and no JPEG.  So my question for everyone is what did I do that might have caused this?  And just so you know, I plan to only import RAW files into Lightroom in the future.  As I struggle to get my head wrapped around a complete overhaul on how I manage my photos, I'm beginning to see the light.  I'll still shoot both RAW and JPEG but shoot smaller JPEGS for emailing, etc. while on vacation or quickly after a shoot and only import the RAW files for later editing, eventually dumping all of the JPEGS to create new selected ones form my RAW edits.


      So although I don't think I'll ever have the conditions again needed to reproduce my experience, I would like to try to have an understanding of it, if possible.  Any suggestions or advice are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you