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    Multiple easing curves require splitting motion?

    fisheye999 Level 1

      Let's say I have a movieclip move from point a to point b to point c (each point corresponding to a keyframe on the timeline). Lets say I want to apply a custom easing curve to the motion from point a to point b and a different easing curve from point b to c. The only way I could figure out how to do this was to split the motion at keyframe b. Is that the only way to do it? What if I want to change the x/y location of the movieclip at point b - then I have to change its location on the keyframe before the split and also after the split. Or worse, what if I want to edit the curve of the path at point b? Then I have to change the incoming bezier handle on the keyframe before the split and the outgoing handle after the split, hoping they are in line with each other. Is this really how it is supposed to be done?


      This is using Flash CC 2014 motion tween (not classic tween).