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    Why Lightroom is messing up my images


      Hello ,

      I'm having problems with lightroom (latest version).

      Some of my images are becoming unreadable ( ! mark), and some of them keeping coming back as being changed, even after forcing their metadata to be saved with ctr-S.

      Since we don't know what is going behind the scenes (database operations) I feel lost in identifying the reason for this behavior. (The application should have a better information about what is going on in the background and make this available to the user).

      Write now I'm getting afraid of letting Lightroom handles my images and trashing them sporadically. My data base is of almost 20k images.


      One other problem is the conflict detected images. No matter how many times I ask lightroom to save the database metadata info to the file it keep coming after a successful operation with conflict again.

      I know that it's difficult to troubleshoot this kind of problem, but I hope that we can built a find a way, in the lightroom community to drill down the problem and maybe establish a troubleshoot workframe to trace the problem and solve it.

      Unfortunately I found the help section far under my expectations of explaining all of the more special features, and behind the scenes operations of the database. In my opinion it needs a review and better explanation of a lot of features, but this is to Adobe to decide and I'm sure that a lot of people will agree with me on this point.

      So here is my help request, so I can continue using the product without having concerns with the integrity of my images under the application administration.


      Thanks for all help and input




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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          The ! mark usually means you have moved, renamed or deleted the corresponding photo OUTSIDE of Lightroom so it has lost its link in Lightroom.  You need to do all moving, renaming and deleting inside of Lightroom to prevent this.  I believe there is a longstanding glitch/bug in Lightroom that causes the metadata change icon to appear for no apparent reason but this may not be the problem.  More detail on how you are managing your catalog would be helpful in solving the problem.