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    How do I create a DVD-like menu?

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I have a video on my Stage. I'd like to create a menu that will control the playback, similar to how a DVD menu operates, but without splitting the video into separate video clips. In other words:


      My video has Chapter 1 at time 0:00, Chapter 2 at time 01:25, Chapter 3 at 03:50. The person viewing the video would be able to click a button for Chapter 2 that would start the video playing at 01:25, or click a button for Chapter 3 that would have the video skip to 03:50, etc.


      I would like to make this so I can change the times just by updating the code so, as previously mentioned, splitting the video into different clips then loading them is not an option.

      How do I set this up?