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    Form document - security settings not preventing text from being added


      I created a form using Acrobat Acrobat X.  This is a lease form that is used to rent boat slips at a marina.  My boss is old school (We have more than one functioning typewriter in our office to give you an idea of how 'old school' he is) and so security of documents is a HUGE thing.


      I told him we could do this form in Adobe - as opposed to ordering more of the quadruplicate 11x17 leases he's been using for 20 years - let the staff fill it out on the computer and print it - and they couldn't make any changes to it other than filling in the blank forms. 


      Because that would be a simple thing to do...right?


      Apparently not. 


      I set the Protection to encrypt with a password.


      Compatibility is Acrobat X and later, Encryption level: 256-bit AES.


      Encrypt all document contents.


      I set the Permissions to restrict editing and printing of the document with a password.  Printing is allowed, high resolution.


      Changes allowed: "filling in forms fields and signing existing signature fields". 

      I did not enable copying of text, images, etc.

      If I open the secured form in adobe reader - I'll be a son of a gun if I can't select the 'Add Text' under 'Sign' option and just add little pieces of extra text without any issues. 

      I need to lock the form down so that the ONLY thing that the staff can do is enter text into the form areas and print it.  That's it.