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    Need help to set up multilingual project


      Hi guys,

      i'm relatively new to RH and i have a help system to create in 3 languages (English, French, German) and in many flavors. This is for an online application with multiple user roles. The trick is that the help system is supposed to follow the hirearchy of privileges, that is, a low-level user should not see the pages covering the system settings or the admin dashboard. When a user signs in, the app will load a help file based on the respective user roles and locale settings.

      My dev guy is going to provide me with an xml file that contains the existing user roles and privileges, and the outputs should be generated accordingly. The SSL of our choice is responsive HTML5. I'm guessing this is possible to do in RH11, tho frankly i have no idea where to start. What would be the proper approach to set up this project? I've created less convoluted user guides earlier and i was happy with the results but am stuck with this one.

      Any help is much appreciated.