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    Edge Animate output inconsistent. Sometimes it plays sometime it does not.

    leetou02 Level 1

      I have been having a huge issue with the inconsistency of Edge Animate's output. Sometimes the output will run accordingly, but sometimes it does not run! It's quite frustrating! Basically, I am building a control system around Edge Animate compositions. These compositions are loaded dynamically from user click a start button. These controls are external and control the stage timeline, as well as the any nested symbol's timeline that live on the Stage.

      Sometimes, just adding in an empty "trigger" into the timeline will stop the animation from running according. I cannot seem to recreate the issue or solution. It seems be random. I'm not sure if it's the timeline structure that is causing this...I don't know how to upload a test file but if I can find how I will upload my test file. If anybody can or wants to lend a hand or eye that'd be greatly appreciated.

      Note: I'm making some calls to outside sources (from the main controlling system's eventhub system) that may show errors thrown in the console. But this doesn't seem (or at least to my knowledge) the issue...