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    dynamic stamp date format different between computers


      I have a dynamic stamp created and works on my computer. It is a "Reviewed" stamp with date and time. However, I copy the file into same location on the other computer. It shows some extra time information like (UT GMT time day time light saving ...) bah bah ... I don't need those


      why the same file but stamp is displayed different


      Please help how to fix.


      Script used is exactly like this:


      event.value = (new Date()).toString();

      AFDate_FormatEx("h:MM tt, mmm dd, yyyy");

      event.value = "By " + ((!identity.name || identity.loginName != (event.source.source || this).Collab.user) ? (event.source.source || this).Collab.user : identity.name)

      + " at " + event.value;