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    How do I get after effects to render with my GPU?

    Shadow Wizard

      Yea, really noob question, but I can't figure it out!

      Spent literally HOURS trying to find how to do this..  Use my GTX 670 to render instad of CPU.  Can't figure it out.  I finally (I think) figured out where to change the setting to raytraced rendering, but it still REFUSES to use it.  I can't work like this!  Countless hours to render a 4 min video with an i7?  I am checking with a  hardware monitor, and my GPU isn't getting used.

      I don't have the time (or inclination) to watch hours and hours of tutorial videos.  I am the type of person that uses templates and modifies them to my needs/desires, so pointing me to a "generic" after effect tutorial website will do no good.

      Now, I only mention this to show that I don't come running for help every time I have a small problem, and refuse to try and find the answer myself.  I have myself learned how to edit text, make it appear and disappear.  Slow down and speed up an entire composition and much much more all by using google.  But I obviously can't get the wording right with google because I can't find a solution.