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    電腦主機板壞,如何將 adobe cc 安裝新機上

    ef w

      電腦主機板壞,如何將 adobe cc 安裝新機上,

      先前 adobe cc安裝在1.主要電腦上,及2備用腦上,

      目前主要電腦主機板壞,採購新機,adobe cc安裝後一直是試用版,無法取得正式的授權,




      Bad computer boards, how to install Adobe CC on the new machine,

      Previously installed Adobe CC in 1. on the main computer, and 2 standby  on the brain,

      Current main computer Board, purchase of a new machine,Adobe CC after installation is a trial version, unable to obtain formal authorization,

      If someone could inform the resolve method