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    linkage identifier

    jonnybennett Level 1
      I have a library with thousands of folders with thosands of m.c's.
      I have tried to keep the library as ordered as possible, however an m.c. has gone astray.
      I have the linkage identifier name, but i need to loacate it within the library. Anyone know if there is a way to do this?
      Thanks J.

      I can't use 'ctrF' / find, as it doesnot eppaer to work for some reason. It keeps saying that it finds no matches even when I do a seacrh for something that is defo there, bizzarely it orks on other fla's that i have. anyway. tbhanks to any responders J.
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          jonnybennett Level 1
          This is painfully clever... listen up... Open a new fla. Create an m.c with the same linakage identifier as the one you want the location for. Paste the new m.c. into the old library, then try and publish. It will then warn you of the two locations of the m.c's with the same inkage identifier.... genius if i do say so myself! J