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    Indesign CC stuck at "Executing startup services".


      As per title,. Indesign CC won't start at all, it gets stuck at "Executing startup services".

      I have reinstalled without any change.


      Running - Win 7 64bit

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          See Troubleshooting 101: Replace, or "trash" your InDesign preferences for the paths to the two folders ID uses to store the prefs and make sure that both your user and System have Full Control permissions. If that doesn't solve it, reinstall.

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            waynec82892610 Level 1

            Thanks for the help, a full uninstall, reinstall and reboot did the trick.

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              benjamin Philipp Level 1

              Not a solution, barely a work-around.

              Can somebody isolate the specific settings that may cause problems here?

              Obviously, no settings should cause the startup to fail and there is an issue with InDesign itself. But until this is fixed, I'd very much like to keep as much as possible.

              I've been having the above problem a couple of times in the last weeks. Restarts have helped, I haven't disabled or removed any of the settings this time around, I'd rather restart the system. But since there are several users logged in on my machine, I'd like to avoid that.


              Does anybody have insight into which settings exactly may be "responsible" for the failure? Is there a consistency anyway?

              I'd like to keep GUI and export preferences at all costs, the rest is negotiable.


              As I write this, the loading screen moves and indeed finishes. It took over 5 minutes (more than 30 times the usual amount of time). What on earth is going on here???


              For people who want to keep all settings and are reluctant to restart the machine: If you have a couple of minutes, go make yourself a coffee or something, it might start up after all.


              Two minutes later still, the dynamic start content appears. For what ever reason, it just starts up INCREDIBLY slow sometimes.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                It can take a long time to synch with your cloud library.

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                  benjamin Philipp Level 1

                  Could we move that to a lazy load system?

                  I use the company account, but all I need is local. I have no Idea what content there could possibly be that will take several minutes to load on a 50MBit/s line - especially when I have everything I actually need local.


                  Anyway, this should really be moved to load as a background thread after the UI thread has finished loading.


                  If it's not really heavy payload but merely account info and metadata that's being loaded, there's something terribly wrong for it to take such a long time

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                    benjamin Philipp Level 1

                    Also, after InDesign crashed (naturally), the whole thing starts again.

                    What could there POSSIBLY be that needs to be downloaded or uploaded now, after only a couple of minutes of work?


                    I tried shutting down InDesign while I had the chance (meaning before it crashed), and starting the application again - same problem.

                    There needs to be a front-end to disable what ever it is that's taking so long.

                    Also, more detailed status messages would be nice (connecting to Adobe Cloud servers, authorizing, waiting for response, downloading things, applying stuff, uploading stuff...) what ever it is that's going on.

                    This would give insight into the nature of the problem.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      If you want to preserve your custom prefs, make a backup of a freshly written (make the settings, then close ID) known good prefs you can use to replace the old ones. Your settings that you make in the preferences dialog are saved in InDesign Defaults, as are document and printer presets. You can export those from the define dialogs before you replace the prefs for reloading into the set you back up. Your workspaces are not affected by a preference reset, nor are export presets.


                      There are some known issues with the latest release and Creative Cloud Libraries. It doesn't matter if you didn't use the library in your file if you are set to access it. There are other things for which I have no details which InDesign synchronizes, as well. There are also reports of trouble with with some Mac network protocols. These are almost certainly bugs.


                      That said, there could also be problems in your own system configuration, or conflicting software that is causing the issue. Many browser plugins have been associated with problem, especially Chrome plugins. Starting in Safe mode can help identify if this is likely, and logging onto your computer using a new user account can be used to diagnose if the problems are in your user files.


                      Crash on launch can also be caused by corrupt recovery data in the InDesign Recovery folder or a corrupt cache.

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                        benjamin Philipp Level 1

                        I haven't experienced an actual crash on launch (not for a while, not connected to this issue)

                        The settings have always been more or less "good", I have always restored them in the past after removing or resetting them (which in the end didn't make a difference all that often)... it ended up working as intended again in the end.


                        I'm also on Win 7 x64, forgot to mention that, since it's the same as the OP - no Mac here. (Or are you talking about the address identifier?)


                        Not using chrome, but Firefox with a lot of Add-ons. There might be a potential source of difficulties, somehow, but I feel like there shouldn't be, of course. The system runs very stable, and former versions of InDesign were stable, too. There is definitely something wrong with the current version of InDesign, and we need easily accessible options to turn off unwanted communications and services. More detailed information on startup would be appreciated, too.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          I also run Win7 x64, but rarely open InDesign CC (I don't like the subscription model and there is practically nothing compelling about anything past CS6 for a print workflow). Based on all the reports here of problems of many sorts with the 11.4 update I'm skipping that altogether, and I've advised my friends to do the same.