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    Timeline Video Layer goes blank after 4 seconds! PLEASE HELP

    Roshanv Level 1

      I'm trying to create a time-lapse video using Photoshop CC.


      I follow the steps presented in this tutorial:
      Assembling a time lapse | Photoshop | lynda.com - YouTube


      I have done this before successfully, but now when I bring the Video Layer from File onto Timeline, Photoshop only plays 4 seconds and 2 frames of the footage (stills); the rest of the sequence is blank. I tried exporting and the same issue persists. I did not have this problem before. I'm using TIFF files as before.


      Please tell me how I can bypass this issue. I have tried importing the footage (stills) which are after the 4 second mark ON THEIR OWN (starting my import selection from a later point in the timee-lapse sequence), and the files open and play well. It is as if there is a 4 second and 2 frames limit set on the timeline.