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    Flash CS5 animation to DVD?

    seven7h tangent

      i created a simple, minute-long, non-interactive animation in Flash CS5, and i'm trying to burn it to a DVD.

      Why is something that ought to be so pathetically simple, proving so endlessly frustrating?


      The animation is an informational piece, basically a slide show, that is intended to play on a continuous loop. It's designed specifically for a 1366px x 768px television screen connected to a DVD player. The original Flash file was designed at those dimensions. As i'm well aware that exporting from Flash as a movie is all but completely useless, i was able to import the .swf file into After Effects, and from there rendered it to mpeg-2. Quality is good, text and imagery look crisp. So far so good. However, when i send the mpeg-2 file to Encore to make the DVD, all of the transcode options are locked out, and i can't adjust anything. i tried burning a DVD using the default options, but the quality is horrible—pixellation, wrong aspect ratio, etc. In fairness, i've also tried using Toast Titanium instead of Encore, but again, the result is really bad.


      There has to be something i'm missing; something i'm doing wrong. i'm sure i'm not the only person who's tried to do this.


      Any ideas?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There has to be something i'm missing;


          Sure. You have completely ignored that the DVD (Video) specs are fixed. You simply cannot use arbitrary resolutions with a DVD. It's always 720x480 at the respective framerates. Your whole approach simply makes zero sense if that always has been the intention. You need a plan B.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1366px x 768px? That's...that's a really weird pixel count for a TV or a monitor...


            And, yes, Mylenium is right; DVD is always 720x480. You can't do anything to make it anything but that. Now, some TVs/DVD players will play video files like WMV and MP4 at different resolutions, but you'd have to check the manufacturer's instructions for how to play that with your setup (and it would have to be over HDMI or something similar).