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    problems publishing GIF

    Sketchsta Level 1
      I have run out of ideas of what could be going wrong here..
      this whole animation is on _root, with 3 layers

      when i publish a .gif, it goes all weird on me.
      have a look here to see what i mean.. LINK
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          .gif files are comressed imagage files as you may know. gif files are only used for simple graphics and logos they do not use any colours. jpegs are better for what you want because they can handle the colours in your swf file.

          i know this answer is slightly vauge im no expert myself but i do know your gif version is like that because its converting it to a very basic file and the amount of colour in it means it can not handle it. i dont know if you can get a animatied jpeg file or not. tho someone here may be able to to answer that and give a more detailed answer to mine.

          nice work by the way.
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            hey mmccaffery, yeah im aware of th compression in .gif files...
            but in the publish settings i tried every color option there, including adoptive, and to my surprise they all look the same.
            and besides, as far as i know, i only used Web Safe colors for that picture, so compressing it shouldnt be a problem..

            ahh well, i guess this is just another thing i cant figure out at the moment.. the list is getting quite long now.

            anyway, thanx for the reply, and info.