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    use mouse click trigger option more than once?


      Hi, is there some way to use the "mouse click" trigger option more than once in the project? I am trying to build a menu button animate where the users click the (menu grid icon) once, and it transforms into the (x icon) and stays there until they click it again ONCE to change it back to the (menu grid icon). Other trigger actions aren't ideal, and I find that if I used the "double mouse click", the response gets a bit messy as clicking once would replay the whole sequence again. Thanks!

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          Zoze Level 2

          At CreationComplete make a var as:


          button = -1;


          At click event of the button write:


          if (button == -1){


          sym.getSymbol("nmnmnmn").play("xicon");   // if you have a trigger in timeline to make this action that you want





          else {


          button = -1;




          Somehow like the above you'll have to do it.


          Or else you can use boolean , TRUE/FALSE