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      Does anyone remember what switch I need to turn off to prevent the creation of a temporary folder when compiling? I faced this problem some years back, but forget the solution.

      Thanks, Tim
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Tim. AFAIK you can't prevent RH from creating these folders when compiling. They are a necessary working directory. They should be deleted after the compile finishes. If they are not, try changing the location of your compile directory. Also if your project os on a network drive, move it!
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            TL0023 Level 1
            Thanks, Colum. I see now this is normal RH business. What is really happening is that the compile runs through my .htms, then my graphics, does the .hhc and the .hhk, then runs through another 5 megs of .htms and graphics I thought I had not included in the project, doubling the output filesize. (I had thought it was an old doubling problem with the tmp_folder_1, tmp_folder_2, etc.) When I look in the .hhp, this second 5 megs of .htms aren't there (and aren't supposed to be. Where is it picking this stuff up? The .mpg? the.hhk? I very much appreciate you folks that look out for those of us in trouble.... -Tim
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              ---Dirk_Bock Level 1

              If you have excluded the obvious things like baggage files, try catching and copying the 'real' HHP used for compilation. It is written to the temporary folder created for this purpose and deleted afterwards. Sometimes this HHP differs from the one you see in your project's root folder.

              ---Dirk Bock
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                TL0023 Level 1
                Thanks, Dirk-

                I have reason to believe the HHPs differ. How do I catch it? Do I have to go learn about Hhw.exe?

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                  ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
                  No, Tim, RH copies all files needed for compilation, including the HHP used, in the same temporary folder. You just have to catch and copy the file using Windows Explorer while it is there.


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                    TL0023 Level 1

                    Got it. Thanks so very much.