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    Problem when converting from AS to Java

    dimival Level 1
      This is very weird, i have been working with Flex+Java for quite a while and it is the first time that this happens to me. I have an AS object which i am sending to a Java Assembler to insert, update or delete. When inserting it works fine but when i try to update or delete it, it throws a ClassCastException because the object's class is flex.messaging.io.ManagedObjectProxy why is this?

      I tried other application where i am doing the same thing but using a different AS class and it works fine, if i check the object's class in the Java Assembler it is the right one, it isn't a ManagedProxy.

      So why is this? I am doing the same thing with 2 different classes, on one Flex is sending ManagedProxies to Java and in the other one not.

      Like i said i have done this a thousand times and this is the first time i am getting this problem, the flex code is the same one, the only thing that changes is the AS class that i am using.

      NEVER MIND, found the error, it was on Java