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    Switching between two video clips - how?

    neil 112772

      I have made a video of my son recording his first single.


      I filmed it twice from different angles and I would like to use sections from both takes.


      I thought it would be easy - just putting one in video 1 and one in video 2 and sync'ing them both at the start so they have the same beginning.


      But I have no clue how to do it as if I cut a section from video 2 it moves off sync.


      I am using premiere 13 and any help would be very much appreciated.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Sounds like you are using the right approach


          Video 1

          Video 2


          in sync


          You do not have to do cut outs...do you know how to key frame Opacity? If you do, you can just vary the Opacity across

          the duration of the Timeline.

          a. when you wanted Video 2 to display...leave as is

          b. when you wanted Video 1 to display instead of Video 2, then to take the Opacity from 100 to 0% for Video 2 so that Video 1 will be displaying.


          One quick way

          1. Select Video 2 clip whose Timeline title bar displays Opacity at the end of the file name

          Then look to the left under the track name Video 2. Move the Timeline Indicator to 5 different locations

          across the clip. Each time, click on the diamond icon between the previous and next triangles. That will give you 5 white dots (keyframes) on the orange line.

          The Diamond icon is the Add/Remove Keyframe icon.


          2. With the mouse cursor move the dots (keyframes) in position in a fashion displayed in the screenshot.

          The orange line in the clip represents Opacity, and you can vary the Opacity by moving that line up or down.

          In the demo, dot 1 and 2 represent Opacity 100% (you can see only Video 2 content from dot 1 to 2.

          Dots 3 and 4 represent Opacity 0% (you can see only Video 1 content from dot 3 to 4.)

          Dot 5 represents Opacity 100% (you can see only Video 2 again.)


          Please review and consider. And, then we can offer supplemental information if needed.

          We can also talk about the cut way and holding down keys such as Ctrl or Alt to prevent disturbances to

          existing Timeline content.


          Thank you.



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            neil 112772 Level 1

            Thanks ATR, you are so helpful. Unfortunately I must be doing something wrong as only the tracks on Video 1 have the opacity levels available?



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              Each video track has as its default Opacity for the orange line (called rubberband) that runs horizontally across the clip.  So, it is there.


              What I did in my screenshot was not show the audio tracks in order to give you a better view of the Video 1 and Video 2 which were

              the essentials here.


              I am trying to think of all the possibilities of why you are not seeing a title bar for the Video 2 clip as you are for the Video 1 clip. So, please

              excuse the questions, if you have been there, done that, and know that.


              1. Do you have Video 2 open? Typically tracks are in closed configuration.


              2. If you have the Video 2 track open, is there something else besides Opacity in the title bar of the clip?


              If none of the above helps to figure out the situation, could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing in your Video 2?

              If you have not done that before, I found this how to write up for posting screenshots in your posts

              The specified item was not found.


              If that is not possible, then we will try to figure this out with just the written communications.


              We will be watching for your progress.





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                arkitsa Level 1


                maybe try this if it is dificult to select the opacity

                You can also stand on the clip of video 1 or video 2, right click the mouse, choose fade, video fade in or out. You see a small circle on the yellow line of the clip. move it downwards or upwards to fade You can place multiple points to fade gradually

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the comment.


                  But consider...the clip rubberband represents whatever is set in the Timeline clip's title bar. The default is Opacity.  If it does not show Opacity and show something else, then the white dots (keyframes) for the fades are not going to show on the rubberband. The rubberband is not representing Opacity. Could be something else. That was included in post 1 and in the discussions that followed.


                  If Opacity is not set in the clip's title, applying a fade is not going to change that title. It will at the "something else" that it became some how.


                  Please see details of point 1. Also please check out the following on clip rubberband

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Rubberband Options Detailed


                  Please let me know if you are OK with the above.


                  Thank you.



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                    arkitsa Level 1


                    that's ok for me.

                    Opacity should be visible in the clip. I think it is just easier to work with the right mouse button instead of clicking in the clip. When I click in the clip on opacity I see nothing I can change, the dots do not appear.