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    What Flash Builder licence is needed for terminal server?



      In our company we have single-user Flash Builder licences for all developers who use them on their laptops/desktops. However we are looking at setting up a terminal server for these same developers so that they can do some development or debugging remotely for certain application installations. I was wondering what type of licence would be required for installing Flash Builder on the terminal server?

      1. Are the existing licences on the developers' laptops/desktop valid and can be used on the terminal server installation? I.e. is the Flash Builder Licensing same as that of MS Desktop Applications (like MS Office)  when used with Windows Server Remote Desktop Services?

      2. Alternatively would it be needed a single licence for the terminal server?

      3. Alternatively would it be needed an additional licence for every user of the terminal who requires Flash Builder regardless the fact that they already have a licence for their laptop/desktop?


      Thanks for your help